Since I was 13, I have been interested in computers and software development. I have gradually developed the first smaller programs and apps, teaching myself everything. As for programming environments, I worked with Jetbrains tools (IntelliJ IDEA for Java/Kotlin, PyCharm for Python), Visual Studio (C# for Xamarin/MAUI, WINUI3/UWP/WPF) and with xCode for app development on Apple devices (Swift). In addition, I wrote some websites by myself using HTML, CSS and Javascript, just as I wrote this site.

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I like to record videos with my drone or with standard film cameras as well, which I edit with video editing programs. So far, I have used the programs Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.

At the moment, I'm a student at OTH Regensburg studying computer science. When I'm not sitting in front of my computer, I meet up with my friends.

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