PPTControl Desktop

PPTControl Desktop is required to control your presentation with your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch.
PPTControl Desktop is available for Windows and macOS.

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To establish the connection, Bluetooth is required. Therefore, the mobile device as well as the computer must support Bluetooth.

Installation and set-up

Download PPTControl on the device you want to use to control the presentation and grant Bluetooth permission. Download and run PPTControl Desktop on your computer. If it is running on Windows, the state should be set to "Online" after startup. Bluetooth and Accessibility permissions must be granted on macOS only. To do this, open System Settings -> "Privacy & Security" -> "Bluetooth"/"Acces­sibility" and add PPTControl Desktop at the bottom left corner via the plus icon. After restarting the application, the state should now be set to "Online". If something went wrong, try the steps again or contact me.

How to use

Establish a connection

After successful installation, the computer should appear in the PPTControl application under the "Devices" section. You can now select it and establish the connection. During the connection, a request is sent to the computer, which can be accepted or denied in the PPTControl Desktop application (Due to Apple's security restrictions, it may happen that every session generates a new identifier. So you need to approve your device every time. I'm currently working on a solution for this).
You can now open your presentation program on the computer and control the presentation via your mobile device.

Allow new requests

The option "Allow new requests" sets whether new requests should be sent to PPTControl Desktop or automatically denied.

Select profile

At "Select profile", you can select which presentation program you use.
PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides are currently supported.

Privacy policy

PPTControl Desktop is designed to support you at work and does not collect any personal information or data. For further questions, you can contact me.